Undergraduate Students

Andyshea Afyouni

Andrew (Andyshea) is a Neuroscience major and Biomedical Research minor at UCLA. In high school, Andrew investigated the role of the dorsal medial hypothalamus in exaggerated cardiac reflex responses in the Longhurst laboratory at UCI.  Andrew is now working with the Butler Laboratory to designing ways to rebuild the sensory circuits of the spinal cord through stem cell-derived sensory neurons.  In his down time, Andrew loves singing, enjoys eating acai bowls, and cherishes any time he can spend with his two dogs and 2-year-old niece back in Irvine.

Brian Chilin

Brian is a Biotechnology major at California State University Northridge, who has joined the Butler lab as a CIRM Bridges CSUN-UCLA Stem Cell trainee.   He is examining the mechanisms by which mESC can be directed to differentiate spinal sensory interneurons.  In his free time, Brian enjoys playing basketball, going on road trips, and spending time with friends and family. 


Armo Derbarsegian

Armo Derbarsegian is a neuroscience major at UCLA. His high school research experience included working with CRISPR/Cas9 to modify serotonin transporters within zebrafish at USC. At UCLA, he's using CRISPR/Cas9 technolgies to assess the role of the SMADs in the development of the dorsal interneurons. During his free time, Armo enjoys hiking, watching classic movies, and listening to his vinyl records. 

Diane Zhou

Diane Zhao is a physiological sciences major at UCLA. She is investigating the mechanisms of sciatic nerve regeneration.  In her free time, she enjoys eating ice cream, watching horror movies, and looking at cute corgi photos.