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The lab had a surprise In ‘n’ Out picnic to celebrate Salena’s engagement.

The Butler lab had a socially distanced picnic to celebrate vaccinations and 50% density in the lab.  Coco came too!

Learn to make human spinal dorsal interneurons!

Our new protocol “Derivation of dorsal spinal sensory interneurons from human pluripotent stem cells” has been published in STAR Protocols.

Read it here.

Graphical abstract to summarize the timing of the directed differentiation protocols

Our new review “Getting in touch with your senses: mechanisms specifying sensory interneurons in the dorsal spinal cord” assesses the contribution of long and short range signaling has been published in WIREs Mechanisms of Disease.

Read it here.

A summary of the in vivo and in vitro models discussed in the Gupta and Butler WiREs Mechanism of Disease review.



Sandy’s beautiful image – “Figures huddling under a starry night” – has been chosen for the 2021 BRI calendar.

Congratulations Sandy!

Sandeep is interviewed by Thermo Fisher Scientific as part of their Scientific Trailblazers series, talking about his work on stem cell models of spinal dorsal interneurons.

Check out his interview on You Tube here.  It has over 1 .3 million views!