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Samantha gives a talk – “The role of the BMPs specifying dorsal spinal neural cell fate” – at the “Neural Development” GRC meeting at Salve Regina University.

Image of Salve Regina University buildings against a very blue sky.

Samantha and Sandeep win a new UCLA BSCRC Research Award for their proposal “Developing iPSC-based models to investigate the basis of sensory hypersensitivity in ASD.” 

Sandeep’s paper has been reviewed in Faculty Opinions by Lynda Erskine: “the protocols described, in combination with the careful characterisation of the cell types generated, are an important advance.”

The full review can be found here.

Our latest paper “In vitro atlas of dorsal spinal interneurons reveals Wnt signaling as a critical regulator of progenitor expansion” is out in Cell Reports. It  describes a complete atlas for stem cell-derived spinal sensory interneurons,  which are transcriptionally and functionally indistinguishable from their endogenous counterparts and can be generated in large numbers.describes

Read it here.

The press release is here.

The Butler lab attending the ISSCR meeting in San Francisco.

Both Sandeep and David presented posters; we attended the ISSCR 20th anniversary party; and had a lab dinner, with a special guest – Sup!