Lab Alumni

Madeline Andrews

Madeline received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2010 where she researched the effect of hormones on cognitive function during the aging process. She is currently a graduate student in the Butler laboratory where she researches the role of the Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in spinal cord development. Her research interests include neural development, stem cell biology and nervous system regeneration and repair. Outside of the laboratory Madeline enjoys yoga, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding and spending time at her favorite place, the beach. 

Madeline is now a postdoctoral fellow in Arnold Kreigstein's lab at UCSF.

Jongseung Baek

Jongseung Baek is a Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major and Biomedical Research minor at UCLA, working on axonal regeneration. His scientific interests include neuroregeneration, bioengineering, and bionics. During his free time, Jongseung enjoys playing strategy games, people watching, and hanging out with his friends.

Alexandra da Silva

Alexandra da Silva is a Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Major, Biomedical Research Minor at UCLA. Her undergraduate research in the Butler laboratory involves studying nerve regeneration and its relationship to immunosuppression. Her career goals include achieving an M.D./Ph.D., working in both a clinical and research setting. Outside of school, Alexandra enjoys going to concerts, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with her family.

Ali is now attending medical school at California Northstate University College of Medicine.

Michele Frendo

Michele Frendo received her B.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Davis in 2008. She will be graduating from the University of Southern California with her PhD in Neuroscience in May 2014. Michele's research interests include neural development, neuroregeneration and neurodegenerative diseases. In her free time, Michele enjoys snowboarding, baking, cooking, reading, hiking, bicycling, planning events, sewing, traveling and spending time with her family. 

Samantha Hain

Samantha Hain is a Cell and Molecular Biology major at CSUN. She is participating in the CSUN-UCLA Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program where she will be researching the role of BMPs in directing cell fate during the embryonic development of neural circuits. Outside of the lab Samantha enjoys reading, art, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. 

Ginger Hazen

Graduate student (2005-2011)

Ginger is currently a Professional Development Specialist in the Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs office (UCSD).

Ari Migdale

Ari Migdale is a Neuroscience major, Spanish minor at UCLA.  As an undergraduate researcher in the Butler laboratory, he is interested in the potential use of stem cells to regenerate damaged spinal cord circuits.  His other interests span physiology, neuroregeneration, neuroplasticity, and molecular biology. An outdoor enthusiast, Ari enjoys backpacking, hiking, surfing and rock climbing. He is also an avid musician and drummer.

Carmen Panaitof

Postdoctoral fellow (2010-2011)

Carmen is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska, Kearney.

Daniel Sivalingam

 Dan received his B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from California State University Northridge. He started working at UCLA in his final year as an undergrad in the CIRM BRIDGES program. He is now an SRA in the Butler and Novitch laboratories, interested in the development of interneurons in the dorsal neural tube and  using stem cell technology to study neural disease. When he is not in lab, Dan enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, scuba diving, brewing beer, trap shooting, riding his motorcycles and reading.

Dan currently has a position at Kite Pharma.

Stephen Tymanskyj

Postdoctoral fellow (2010-2012)

Stephen is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Ma laboratory, USC.

Supraja G Varadarajan

Supraja received her Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology from Visvesvaraya Technological University in Bangalore, India, following which she completed her Masters in Biomedical Engineering from New Jersey Inst. of Technology. She spent two years as staff at UCI working with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Core, studying regenerative approaches to spinal cord injury using biomaterial scaffolds. She is now a graduate student in the Butler lab, interested in studying molecular mechanisms such as axon guidance that play a critical role in circuit formation. In her spare time she likes to bake and read.

Sup is now a postdoctoral fellow in Andy Huberman's lab at Stanford.

Ken Yamauchi

Graduate student (2005-2011)

Ken is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Novitch laboratory at UCLA.